One Product One Village Program

Establishment of One Product One Village in AJ&K (Phase-II)

Approved Cost Rs. 16.000 million
Date of Approval & Completion 02-02-2018,  02-02-2020
Project Objectives
  • Provision of training to 400 trainees in the trades of Loi/Pattu, Wood Carving & Zari-Embroidery.
  • Strengthening, promotion and expansion of traditional potential enterprises and crafts of Azad Jammu &Kashmir.
  • Poverty reduction & employment generation.
  • Rural industrialization.
  • Management of local resources in value added products.
A. Salient Features
Duration of training course 06 Months
Number of trainees per course 20
Total No’s of centers to be established 05
Total No’s of trainees 400
B. Details of training centers
Trade Location of Training Centers
Walnut Wood Carving Leepa (Dist. Jehlum Valley), Kel (Dist. Neelum)
Loi & Pattu Leepa (Dist. Jehlum Valley), Kel (Dist. Neelum)
Zari Embroidery Dist. Mirpur