"Azad Kashmir Small Industries Corporation was established in the year, 1990. It serves as an instrumental tool for entrepreneurship, micro-economic development, employment generation and poverty alleviation. The administration and management vest with the Board of Members. Managing Director is the Chief Executive, as per Act, 1993 and 1996 (Amended)"

Main Objective

  • Accelerate overall economic growth of the state through small & cottage industries initiatives.
  • Poverty alleviation through creation of sustainable livelihood/employment opportunities.
  • Ensure optimum utilization of available natural and human resources


  • Entrepreneurs development through counseling and training
  • Extend credit facilities to the potential entrepreneurs from ADP, corporation’s own funds, through Banks & linkages.
  • Preparation of development plans (PC-I) and projects, implementation, execution, monitoring & evaluation for promotion of Small & Cottage Industrial Sector.
  • Innovation and adaptation of appropriate technology in small & cottage industrial sector.
  • Compilation and dissemination of technical and other information guiding/steering investment, production and marketing of small & cottage industrial sector.
  • Conduct research, studies and surveys in the small & cottage industrial sector.


  • Training programs to generate skilled manpower in small/cottage industries and Handicrafts as per potential.
  • Credit Assistance to the small enterprises in the private sector to supplement poverty alleviation strategy of the Government.
  • Supporting micro sector through a marketing network of Handicrafts Shops and Craft Development Centers.
  • Organizing fairs, exhibitions, sales and display of products.
  • Procuring and distributing raw material, machinery, tools & kits providing to the skilled/unskilled artisans for training/production purposes.
  • Strengthening of small industries through development of clusters.

Mohammed Rafiq Nayyar

Special Assistant to the PM

Wajahat Rasheed Baig​


Syed Ali Asghar Shah​

Managing Director

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