Customized Lending for Skilled Entrepreneurs

Customized Lending for sustainability of Skilled Entrepreneurs of AJ&K trained from TEVTA/Small Industries/Social Welfare

1 Approved Cost Rs. 51.700 million
2 Date of Approval & Completion 03-09-2015, 30-06-2022
3 Limit of Loan Rs.0.050 million to 0.500 million
4 Investment Equity
  • Principal Amount is being provided by the Banks.
  • Mark-up to the banks is being paid by the AKSIC.
5 Rate of mark-up to the borrowers Interest free
6 Target Groups Technical, vocational and skilled entrepreneurs of AJ&K trained from Small Industries, AJK-TEVTA/ Social Welfare and other training institutions.
7 Objectives The scheme is designed to provide easy access to credit to 600 technical, vocational and skilled community trained from AJK-TEVTA/ Small Industries/ Social Welfare & other training institutes in AJ&K for establishment and expansion of their own small enterprises in the private sector. The objective is to finance for purchase of machinery/equipment & working capital for new and existing enterprises.
8 Eligibility/Scrutiny Criteria
  • Applicants of AJ&K.
  • Age between 18-55 years.
  • Applicant trained from AJK-TEVTA, Small Industries, Social Welfare and other training institutes having at least six month training certification.